Enabling responsible development and sustainable living in the Northwest.

Sol Coast Consulting and Design, LLC achieves this Mission by:

  • Providing cost effective environmental management, engineering, and alternative energy design services
  • Recognizing the central role that commerce and urban planning play in the structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life for ourselves and future generations
  • Building relationships with locally owned and operated businesses

Environmental Consulting and Alternative Energy Design

Sol Coast Consulting and Design offers alternative energy design services for residential and commercial applications. As an Energy Trust Alliance member, Sol Coast Consulting and Design offers customers access to valuable tax and utility incentives. Offerings include:

  • Passive Solar Design Consultation for new construction or remodel
  • Active Solar (Photo Voltaic) system feasibility, design and procurement
  • Solar Water Heater system feasibility, design and procurement
  • Micro-hydro and small wind system feasibility and design
  • Installation Oversight

Complimentary offerings in sustainable building and low impact development for storm water management, are offered by sibling company Sol Coast Construction, LLC.

Sol Coast Consulting and Design, LLC provides a broad range of environmental consulting services designed to meet the needs of local residents, businesses and public entities. Professional management services offer clients turn-key oversight of the environmental issues inherent in sustaining existing business practices, development of new facilities, and protection of our unique resources. General environmental oversight services include:

  • Compliance planning and implementation
  • Contractor and consultant management
  • Environmental compliance budgeting and budget management
  • Permit and compliance negotiations with state and federal agencies

When the requirements call for specialization not offered within Sol Coast Consulting and Design, LLC, we strive to identify and solicit participation from local individuals and firms offering the specific skills required for completion of the task.