Building Performance Technician

Jamie Fereday is a Envelope and Building Analyst Professional with the Building Performance Institute.  Jamie is also a professional educator who has been, with his wife, actively reducing his own energy foot print for many years.  This combination makes him a natural in the field of educating and advising homeowners about best practices and upgrades for maximized comfort and energy efficiency.

Jamie’s home is partially powered by a 3 kW solar electric system with domestic hot water preheated by a solar thermal system.  His secondary home is a passive solar, green roofed, ICF block home with radiant heating.  This home’s water gets a solar boost from an evacuated tube solar collector.  When not biking or driving his electric car around town, Jamie and his wife fall back to the less efficient Prius for longer distance transportation.  Talk about walking the talk!

Educational History

Building Envelope and Building Analyst Professional – Building Performance Institute, Inc. since May, 2010

M. S. Science Education – Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.  Fall 1991

Oregon Teaching Certificate – Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.  April 1982

B. S. Biology.  University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.  December 1978.

Relevant Volunteer and Professional Activities

Commission Member – 2005 to July2013.  South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve Management Commission

Board Member – 1998 to present.  Oregon Coastal Environments Awareness Network (Regional non-profit partnership organization)

Board Member – 1994 to present.  South Coast Land Conservancy (Non-profit land trust)

Board Member – 1987 to 2005.  Coos Head Food Store.  North Bend, Oregon (Non-profit, Mutual Benefit Corporation – whole foods retail)

Member – 1987 to 2011 – Oregon Science Teachers Association and National Science Teachers Association