7 Devils Rain Garden

Sol Coast offers turn-key construction contracting and environmentally friendly design services to Coos County and the surrounding area. We apply the principles of sustainable development to everything we do. This involves creating buildings or homes that use less energy, water and natural resources, and create less waste. Environmentally sustainable buildings are also healthier for those living or working in them. With Sol Coast, new homes blossom into sustainable, elegant additions to the surrounding environment. Remodel projects harmonize with your energy needs, your creative eye, and your budget.

Our Specialties

  • Passive solar building design
  • Living roofs
  • Ocean-friendly rainwater management systems
  • Energy efficient design
  • Low impact material selection and procurement
  • Net Zero home principles consultation
  • Renewable energy systems
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Right: Rain garden and EV charging station, designed and built by Sol Coast.
Left: Interior office space designed and remodeled by Sol Coast using passive solar design principles and locally-sourced and reclaimed materials.
Middle: Deleon family home, designed by Sol Coast.