Solar Energy

Sol Coast is the leading renewable energy system designer on the southern Oregon coast. We design state, federal, and Energy Trust of Oregon compliant systems to ensure you maximize on your investment. We will help you find a solar energy system that meets your needs, whether it is to save money on electricity bills or offset as much CO2 as possible. We will design and install your solar energy system as well as help you navigate the paperwork to make sure you can flip the switch on your investment.

Sustainable Construction

Sol Coast offers turnkey construction solutions for new and existing buildings. We take sustainable construction seriously, from sourcing low-impact materials, using local labor, and designing aesthetically pleasing yet energy efficient buildings. We hold ourselves to high standards such as Earth Advantage and Energy Star certifications. Click the photo to learn more about what we have to offer your home or business.

Home Performance Assessments


Sol Coast can come to your home or business and rate the efficiency of your building, comparing it to similar-sized buildings in Oregon. You will have a clear understanding of everything from energy use to weatherization to see where you can make improvements and save yourself money while reducing your impact on the environment.

Environmental Consultation

Our engineer is experienced in permitting and compliance management, mitigation planning, monitoring and implementation oversite. We care deeply about the watersheds on the southern Oregon coast, and are certified in water rights examination and qualified for low impact project design, such as ocean friendly rain gardens for urban and residential environments. Your project will be in the most experienced hands possible so you don’t have to worry about environmental compliance. Click the photo to learn more about Sol Coast’s environmental consultation services.