Featured Residential Solar Installation by Sol Coast

The Deleon Family Home

The Deleon family has long desired to minimize the impact of their active family lives while investing in energy conservation to lower living expenses. Beginning with a new Earth Advantage home, built by Sol Coast Construction, the family recently added a 3.84 kW solar PV system to the mix.

As customers of Pacific Power, the installation was paid for, in part, by Energy Trust of Oregon’s residential solar program. The system is estimated to pay for itself in under 8 years at today’s electricity prices all the while decreasing their family ecological footprint by about 10 Tons of CO2 each year. An added bonus—during daylight hour utility outages, the family has access to emergency solar power to charge communication devices or other critical electronics drawing under 1,500 Watts.

Deleon family home in Coos Bay, OR


Installing a solar PV system at your home will put more money back into your pocket while producing renewable, clean energy where you live.

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