What it means to Stand Up! For the Bay

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Coos Bay, OR Sep 13, 2016 — Imagine this… a quiet Saturday morning in Coos Bay. Traffic on 101 is the usual leisurely inchworm as caravans and family cars stream by the Coos Bay Boardwalk. The sun is shining on the wooden dock and the fish is frying at the Fisherman’s Market. Suddenly, you hear a clash of metal on metal! A crowd lets out a roar and two horses lunge at one another. Their ironclad knights swing their swords in a contest of strength and agility!

You look over at the boardwalk and see the two knights. Instead of medieval armor, you see they are wearing shiny wet suits. They are not riding horses, but they are precariously balancing on large paddle boards. They brandish paddle poles adorned with inflatable swords and comically swing at each other while trying to stay afloat. This paddle jousting contest is part of an annual event called Stand Up! For the Bay.

The Coos Bay chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve are hosting this event on September 24th at 9:00 AM. Stand Up! For the Bay is meant to bring attention to the unique issues of our coastal waterways. These problems not only affect coastal recreation for community members, they also affect the flora and fauna that call the coast and estuaries their home. To bring attention to these issues, Surfrider and community partners have planned a fun day of water-related activities that you can learn more about here. Sol Coast will be donating volunteer time to the event.


Sol Coast Companies have a mission to support growth and sustainability on the Oregon coast. We envision an ocean free of pollution – and currently, ocean pollution comes from everything that goes into our water system, including wastewater and stormwater. The city of Coos Bay sits on a huge amount of water, in marshes and rivers and the bay. Every time we use water in our homes or businesses, it has an impact. At Sol Coast Companies headquarters, we love living on the coast. We specialize in ocean-friendly projects when it comes to construction, design, and planning. As a corporate sponsor to the Surfrider Foundation, we take our job as stewards of the ocean seriously. If your project needs a water specialist, contact Sol Coast today. See you at the joust!