Home Performance Assessments – Do I Need One?

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Coos County is full of history. From our historic downtown areas in Coos Bay and Bandon, to the farmlands spreading out in all directions, visitors and residents alike can truly see pieces of Oregon coast history wherever you are in the county. While these historic buildings are great relics of the past and full of character, this often means the buildings are not built to today’s standards of energy efficiency. If you happen to live in one of these buildings, you know the quirks and inconveniences that living in an old home brings.

Drafty homes with older appliances end up wasting a lot of energy. This results in high electricity and heating and cooling bills. If you are someone whose electricity bill is $200 or more, you could save up to 50% on your energy costs by getting a Home Performance Assessment with an Energy Performance Score (EPS™). First, homeowners can take a quick online assessment of their energy use here.

Homeowners can contact an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally such as Sol Coast to schedule a visit to their home. An Energy Analyst takes a look at the entire home, starting from the attic and going down to the baseboards. The Energy Analyst can identify air leaks and pinpoint how much electricity the home’s appliances use. At the end of the visit, homeowners will receive an itemized list of improvements to make. This list will be ranked in order of most energy saved VS lowest price. The most common improvements involve simple jobs like insulating the attic to prevent air leaks. This list will also include information on cash incentives available for homeowners to make energy upgrades.

If you live in Coos County and you are ready to save money on your electric bills, contact us today.


Testing for air leaks in a home.